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TourDash Analytics Feature

Fast and Easy

TTourDash can enhance your virtual tour to get the best business experience. Using TourDash will Increase your online presence and will also encourage visitors to visit your local store

TourDash Mission

We Care about making an easy to use product and strive to improve TourDash everyday.

Our Goals

We will provide our customers with the most cost effective and user friendly virtual business experience that is available.

What TourDash does for you

TourDash offers its licenses to Resellers only. Only Google Trusted Photographers can become a TourDash Reseller. The TourDash licenses are available in three categories. These categories each have their own price. This price is equal for all Resellers.

Depending on the level of service that you as a Reseller want to deliver to your customers, it is entirely free to choose your own selling price of a Tour Dash license. Though, we strongly recommend to choose your selling price wisely and offer your customers value for money.

The available TourDash features differ per license. All the licenses contain the possibility to create an advanced navigation menu and to assign information windows by means of boundary and dynamic hotspots. TourDash Tour Analytics however, is only available for the gold and platinum licenses. An overview of the available TourDash will be presented to you after you’ve signed up for TourDash as a Reseller. This will bear no costs to you.

  • Boundary Hotspots
  • Easy Publishing
  • Rotation
  • Tour Analytics
  • Dynamic Hotspots


Boundary HotSpot

Boundary Hotspots are ‘smart’ hotspots that display your information whenever a visitor is looking at a specific area and requires no user interaction. This allows visitors to have a seamless experience when exploring.


Embedding and Publishing

No more hassle with code, with TourDash you can publish your virtual tour to Facebook with a single click. It allows for size customisation that you can use regardless of whether you’re programmer.



Rotation puts a permanent spin when your tour is not being used. This allows for your visitors to quickly realise that your virtual tour is more than just a single still image.


Tour Analytics

Tour Analytics allows you to finally figure out what your return on investment is through your virtual tour. Enabling you perfect insight in when, how often and how long your tour is accessed.


Dynamic Hotspots

Unlike its brother the Dynamic Hotspots require user interaction to display their contents. Which is a benefit when you want to display a lot of information, just not all at the same time.

  • We had Noah Williams do a 360 Virtual tour of our shop the Green Dragon in North Charleston and he did a superb job. I am still amazed.

    Adriana Carter
    Green Dragon Manager
    Green Dragon

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  • Noah did an amazing job with the Google Virtual tours for King Street Grille. Every business should have these.

    Ben Capa
    Fu Dog Media, LLC
    Charleston,SC Wed Design Company

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