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Digital Photography

Get Your Digital Photo. Download it now and print it out later.

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High Quality Photos & Panoramas

We have been studying and photographing since late 2004. We found all the good angles and imaginary golden lines of a photograph to make each one look as unique as what we are capturing. The right angle could be the differnce between a perfect photograph or that one that no one wants to look at. Using many techniques such as HDR photography make any normal photo look magnificent and realistic.

Videos or Renders

With our Digital Cameras we can capture high 1080p quality videos and composite them into a home movie or any project you maybe doing.

Our Digital Photography Services

The Root of All Our Skills
There are many types of Photography. The oldes is film dating back to the early 30’s. Then there was only black, white and grey tints. Fash foward to the mid 80’s and you can take digital photos. With color, sensors and data getting even more complex than the technology before. 

Captured Digital Photos take at a frequency of a second are made into videos. View some that we have done on owe website. 

Google Trained-TourDash Trusted & RealTour Approved
Google trains and certifies local photographers to offer incredible panoramic photography. If we are train, trusted and certified by Google why choose another photographera. Virtual 360 of SC is a certified Google Trusted Photographer.

How Are HDR Photos Created

HDR, or High Quality Photographs

As described in a previouse section HDR are called High Definition Renders. These photographs are taken in five (5) or three (3) sets. There are one normal pictures with four (4) or two (2) over saturated with light, which creates a the bright highlights of the final rendered HDR. four (4) or two (2) undersaturated with light, which creates a darker image. 


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